I am a  physician in Glens Falls, NY and I perform clinical research in my office as well as have a Family Medicine practice.

We are currently doing a study for the National Institute of Health treating patients with EDTA Chelation therapy.

I have been involved with medical research since my residency in 1989.

We are currently working on getting a grant to perform our investigator initiated study:

Assessment of the benefit of therapeutic phlebotomy
treatment on serum Perfluoroalkyl Acids [PFOA] levels in
humans, a prospective study.
Protocol #: 2016-001- WVP
Andrew W. Garner, MD, CPI
Medical Director
Insight Medical Research Corporation
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We will be holding medical information meetings in the Hoosick Falls area in the near future to discuss this research in more detail and will post time and place as soon as the plans are finalized.

Please also see our face book page for more information:  PFOA Research and Treatment Campaign




I am a family physician in Glens Falls, NY and I have been concerned about the news regarding the PFOA contamination in the water supply in the Village of Hoosick Falls and surrounding areas. Those affected by this contamination have been inundated with information about the source(s) of the PFOA, the cleanup required for the environment, the dangers of elevated PFOA levels in their blood, and the possible increased risks of certain types of cancer and other serious diseases. PFOA has been linked to kidney and testicular cancers, elevated cholesterol, gallstones, colitis, thyroid disease, pregnancy induced hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The number of suspected diseases is continuing to grow, as well as the number of communities that are finding this chemical in their water supply.

Nowhere, however, have I seen news or information on medical treatment to help remove this chemical from the bloodstream of those affected. In researching possible treatments, I found a paper published by Dr. Stephen Genuis who is an environmental physician in Canada. He described his treatment of a family with elevated levels of PFOA. He was able to accelerate the removal of the PFOA by approximately 50% using a medical procedure known as medical phlebotomy. This is exactly the same procedure that you go through when donating blood at a blood drive with the American Red Cross.

PFOA is bound to proteins in your blood and, as such, stays in your bloodstream for a long time. By removing a small amount of blood, you are also removing a small amount of the PFOA in your body; by doing that repeatedly you help accelerate the removal of the PFOA.

I have contacted the Village of Hoosick Falls’ Mayor, Mr. Robert Allen, and I would like the opportunity to discuss this with all interested people in the area. I am proposing a meeting to discuss medical treatments for accelerating the removal of PFOA from the body. I hope that we can set a date for this meeting in the near future.

Further information can be found on our Facebook page, PFOA Research and Treatment Center. Feel free to share this information with others.

Andrew Garner, MD

More information on Dr Genuis’ article.

Dr. Genuis’ study was only on a family six, so I thought it would be appropriate to perform a study on a larger number of patients. I consulted with Dr. Genuis and he agreed. A protocol was developed, and an institutional review board has approved it.

I have written letters to the office of the Governor and the New York State Department of Health. I have also contacted local state senators and assembly members and discussed this protocol with various other individuals.

To date, I have not been able to find anyone who is willing to provide funding or direction as to where to find funding for this study.

I am now presenting this information to the people of the Hoosick Falls and other areas that have PFOA in their water via social media. I feel you all deserve to know that there are some treatment options available.

I would propose a steering committee to brainstorm together and pilot a plan to develop a way to get this study up and running to help the people affected by PFOA contamination.

One significant unknown question is if lowering levels of PFOA from humans will lower the risk of the negative effects of this chemical on their bodies. No one knows the answer to that question.

However, it certainly makes logical sense that the lowering of the level of PFOA should result in reduced negative effects. Unfortunately this sort of study question would take generations to answer.


For a copy of Dr Garner’s proposed Research Protocol please email your request to Scott Richards at or